Since your company or organization is truly our passion, BMC offers programs that consists of cost effective packages and low monthly rates for individuals desiring to take the leap of faith, newly established entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations. 

Take the leap of faith via our Leap of Faith program. This is designed specifically for individuals who desire to start their own business, but they're afraid, don't know how, and simply need guidance. BMC is here to grab your hand, jump with you, and guide you to a safe landing. 

If you're a new entrepreneur, we realize that it can get pretty expensive to pay a marketer for marketing strategy and brand consulting. But it doesn't stop there; you'll need to hire a graphic designer to create your logo. After all, you need a website, so now you must pay a web designer to develop your forth and so on.

Well, not anymore.

Starter Kit is the perfect program to support those of us who take the leap of faith in hopes of following our dreams, loving what we do, and doing what we love. It packages all of the aforementioned services for one flat, cost effective rate.

Lastly, nonprofits are passionate about serving the community, but don't usually have a budget for a marketing department. Leave that to us. We'll be your marketing department without the finance hassle. For a monthly fee, you will have access to unlimited services via our Nonprofit Program.

Learn more about the programs below. 

Then, contact us to get started. 


Leap of Faith is a program designed by BMC, specifically for aspiring business owners. We've found that the reason most hesitate to take the leap of faith is simply due to fear of the unknown, and/or not knowing how to start. 

BMC designed a step by step process to guide you towards business ownership. To start the program requires two things: $99 and your willingness to jump.

Starter Kit is an entrepreneurial program; a 3-tiered package program that offers a wide range of services that are imperative to start or rebrand a company, but at one cost effective flat rate.

To qualify for this program, you must be in business
0 - 3 years.

Packages are as follows:

SILVER ($1k): Your choice of 3 services. Most popular are logo design, web design, and (1) social media page.

GOLD ($2k): Your choice of 5 services. Most popular are logo design, web design, (1) social media page, (1) flyer, and (1) brochure.

PLATINUM ($3k): Your choice of 7 services. Most popular are logo design, web design, (1) social media page, (1) flyer, (1) brochure, (1) photo shoot, and (1) event planning. 

Nonprofit Program (NPP) offers unlimited amount of 3 selected services for a monthly rate of $149.99. The most popular are social media management, UX design (web content, keywords, strategic images and colors - pairs well with Search Engine Optimization), and a creative service like brochure design. 

There is flexibility to increase services via a la carte or other low monthly rate options.