Q: Where is your office located?

A: BMC is a virtual consulting agency. Our team of marketing and creative consultants work remote throughout the country. 

Q: I like to work closely with my partners. Being a virtual company, is B Marketing Consulting capable?

A: We work so close with our clients, that they might get sick of us! We're very responsive and available for conference calls, Skype meetings, or Face Time. This has allowed us to become a global agency, having worked with partners internationally.

Q: Oftentimes my project requires face-to-face interaction, and sometimes, in person. Is this possible for BMC?

A: If technology methods do not suffice, we will need to discuss project duration and logistics for on-site support. So simply put, yes it's possible!

Q: Are your consultations complementary?

A: Since we conduct a thorough needs assessment and provide a recommendation (lasting one hour), our consultations are a flat rate of $75. 

Q: How can I join the B Marketing Consulting team?

A: Our rocking agency is comprised of senior level marketing and creative consultants. If you fit into this category, please send your resume to info@bmarketingconsulting.com.