Our Referral Program is simple: spread the word and reward yourself.

Scenario 1

Friend: "I'm ready to take my company to another level. I need to hire someone who can get me more digital exposure."

You: "That's awesome. I know who can help."

Scenario 2

Friend: "I'm ready to work for myself. I'm nervous though, which makes me a bit reluctant to actually take the leap of faith."

You: "I know a consultant who supports small businesses and helps aspiring entrepreneurs take the leap of faith."

Scenario 3

You: *takes to social media* "I know an awesome marketing consultant. She's great to work with and works hard to get you results. #BMarketingConsulting #BMC @laentreprenoir"

What's in it for you?

When your friend hires BMC, you will receive a complimentary service.